January 9, 2016

How To Create A Brand Story That Sells with Story Stylist Gayle Nowak

On Episode #9 of Thrive, Heather talks with marketing and public relations expert Gayle Nowak, who helps entrepreneurs unearth and craft their compelling brand stories so they be more authentic and sell more in their businesses. In this episode Gayle shares her own deeply powerful story and how it transformed business and her entire life. She shares how to use your story to get on bigger and better platforms and even how to use your story to make a big impact even if you are just getting started in your business. Enjoy!           
December 17, 2015

How To Tell Your Brand Story On Film with Evin Anderson

On Episode #8 of Thrive, Heather sits down with Evin Anderson, a professional poet, playwrite, and actor, turned CEO of digital film and brand story-telling agency Waverly Knobs. Evin talks to us today about what’s hot and what’s not in digital film making right now to tell your brand story. He also talks to us about how to come across as a high-value expert, but also an engaging, real person on film. Finally, we have a discussion about entrepreneurs can learn from artists, and what artists can learn from entrepreneurs that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy!        
December 17, 2015

How To Write Your Dream Book With Kelly Epperson

In Episode #7 of Thrive, Heather talks to book coach, author and ghost-writer Kelly Epperson, who has over 25 books to her credit, including a New York Times bestseller that sold millions of copies. On this show, Kelly tells us why working from joy is the very way to start when you want to create a book that makes you happy, and profitable! She is also going to answer the question that everyone asks, which is “what should my first book be?” Finally, she is going to explain to us how we can make money in our businesses from our book without spending thousands of dollars on a huge book launch campaign. Enjoy!        
December 10, 2015

How To Create Client Seductive Marketing with Rob Schultz

In Episode #6 of Thrive, Heather sits down with Rob Schultz, a marketing messaging guru who teaches entrepreneurs from around the world, the secrets of seduction, so their ideal clients will want them like crazy, and buy from them like crazy. On this episode, Rob shares how we can create marketing copy that sizzles, why many entrepreneurs struggle to find their ideal clients and how you can avoid that, and what he learned in Hollywood, working on blockbuster films like X-Men and Vanilla Sky, and how that applies to entrepreneurs. Enjoy!        
December 10, 2015

How To Catch Big Fish Clients with Lisa Montgomery

In Episode #5 of Thrive, Heather talks to Lisa Montgomery, owner of Luxurious Fishing Vacations, where she customizes world-class fishing retreats for high-end clients who want to travel to remote and exotic locations to make the catch of their life. In this episode, Lisa shares how she discovered this unique niche and how by narrowing her niche she started to see success in her business. She also shares about owning her value so she could consistently attract high-end clients. Finally, Lisa tells about how the difference between attracting male and female buyers and what she has learned working primarily in a male-dominated market. Enjoy!                    
December 10, 2015

How To Customize Your Success with Human Design with Karen Parker

In Episode #4 of Thrive, Heather sits down with Karen Parker, a #1 bestselling author and Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist. Karen is also certified to do Life Cycle Readings, Family Analysis, Business Readings, Soul Purpose Readings, Sacral Sessions, Generator Coaching and Relationship Readings. She has over 14 years experience working with Human Design and has done over 7,000 readings. She loves sharing Human Design with people because she loves to watch her clients and students fall madly in love with themselves, sometimes for the first time in their lives! She is the author of #1 bestselling book, Understanding Human Design, The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are (Hierophant Publishing) and Parenting by Human Design. She is also the founder of the Human Design for Everyone Training Program. Most importantly, she is the mother of five children who have been raised according to their Type and Strategy. Enjoy!            
December 3, 2015

How To Create A Media Ready Brand With Ginger Casey

In Episode #3 of Thrive, Heather talks with award-winning journalist Ginger Casey about how to create a ready brand. Ginger is a 23-year veteran of the broadcast news industry whose career has taken her to leading markets across the country, including: Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, Little Rock, Reno and Providence.  She has worked as an evening news anchor, reporter, documentary producer, radio talk show host and magazine columnist.  Ginger has garnered several national honors and awards for her work including the prestigious Emmy Award.  She has lectured on media ethics and journalism at several colleges and universities and has also been the featured speaker at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. Ginger has traveled extensively and uses her experience, passion and unique world view to provide a platform and voice for facilitating positive change. Enjoy!              
December 3, 2015
Fonda Clayton

How To Access Your True Personal Power with Fonda Clayton

In Episode #2 Heather Poduska interviews Fonda Clayton Smith is a best selling author of Stop Giving Your Power Away and creator of The Juicy Life©. As a Visionary Partner, Fonda believes personal freedom and vision are essential to creating a life and legacy that lights you up. She has helped thousands of her clients have breakthroughs around unprocessed emotions and to tell the truth about themselves and their life visions. She teaches women how to be in their bodies authentically and possess their true personal power. Often women feel they have to compromise and she believes you can have both: a fulfilling personal and professional life. “When we tell our truth, we are powerfilled and unstoppable.” She helps women tell the truth about what they desire for their lives so that they can make a big difference, increase their income or purpose and help change the world. Her mission is to assist women live with confidence and ease. This usually means unlearning things that society has dictated what it means to be a woman.      
November 15, 2015
Michelle Vandapas

Changing The Consciousness Of The Planet Through Business, Profit and Purpose with Michelle Vandapas

In Episode #1 Heather Poduska interviews Michelle Vandapas about changing the consciousness of the planet through business, profit and purpose. Michelle Vandepas, bestselling author and TEDx speaker, works with those called to change the consciousness of the planet. She teaches others to use marketing within their core strengths, realizing their own big dreams and fulfilling their purpose and mission through entrepreneurship. A successful business consultant, she has started three multimillion-dollar companies and her in her purpose and profit podcast talks with others making a difference. Next year she will appear in a documentary film, “Wisdom from Thought Leaders,” alongside Sting and the Dalai Lama. A doctor of divinity, she brings a spiritual bent to her work. Michelle studies tai chi for meditation in motion. She’s been married 34 years (!), is a mom to one daughter, grandmother to six, and has been a foster mom to ten.