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July 6, 2017
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Ep #44 – “How To Manage Your Energy For Success” with Guest Dan Holguin




Thrive Episode Ep #44 – “How To Manage Your Energy For Success” with Guest Dan Holguin

Dan Holguin is the founder of Mindset Mastery Blueprint and fitness coach for entrepreneurs whose mission is to help people master their fitness and live a more meaningful, healthy lifestyle.

Prior to founding the Mindset Mastery Blueprint, Dan  was a former  college athlete and had always been into fitness. Along the way however, he went off track due to a serious personal loss  causing him to spiral into depression, weight gain and hit rock bottom,

On today’s show, Dan tells how he turned his life around, got the mindset of success in place and transformed his body to became an American Ninja Warrior competitor. He shares how fitness not only took him out of his lowest point, but changed his entire outlook and how YOU can too!

On this episode…

06:05- Dan tells about his path from being a college athlete and fitness expert to falling into depression and becoming 30 lbs overweight  and how he found the courage to change..

13:10- Learn the steps Dan took to transform his stressed and overwhelmed life.

15:47- What are the benefits of fitness for entrepreneurs and why is it so important to manage your energy to get the best results?

20:56- What makes entrepreneurs great fitness clients?

26:55- Learn what it’s like to be American Ninja Warrior competitor and why even the best athletes fall.

30:27-Find out the one phrase that can completely transform a negative perspective into a winning mindset.

33:16-Dan shares a simple technique to stay motivated and reach your goals.

36:25- How Dan’s daughter helped him in dealing with people and understanding his clients more.

43:25- Dan’s ninja fitness secret to help women get amazing arms without killing yourself at the chin-up bar.


To find out more about Dan Holguin , check him out at his social media links  @danholguin, and his website,

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