The Power of Authenticity with Mark Shapiro

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The Power of Authenticity with Mark Shapiro

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “The Power of Authenticity” with my guest, Mark Shapiro.

Mark Shaprio is the founder of, President of The Ideal Workplace, an authenticity advisor, and the Host of The One & Only Podcast.

Delving below the surface to share honest stories and valuable life tips, Mark has interviewed inspiring guests such as international pop-star Cody Simpson, NFL super agent Leigh Steinberg,life-style entrepreneur Lewis Howes and many more influential leaders on The One & Only Podcast.


On this episode, Mark shares what it really means to live an authentic life and how we can identify what that looks like for each of us. He tells his own transformational story of leaving a 12-year career at Showtime Network Inc. and how a major catalyst forced him to examine and redirect his life. We also have a great discussion about how to be authentic in the workplace without being unprofessional and how to receive and process feedback. Mark is the REAL deal! I hope you enjoy the show. Highlights below.

Mark answers the question:

Minute 8-Why is it important to be authentic?

Minute 10-How can being authentic help you overcome addiction?

Minute 19-How do you hold on the core of who you are when interacting in situations that challenge your authenticity.

Minute 24-Is there ever a point when it’s inappropriate to over share and be too intimate in your branding?

Minute 32-What does it mean to have a winning week?

Minute 42-How can we learn to take in the right kind of feedback to help us evolve more authentically?

Minute 43-What are the cornerstone elements of authenticity?

Minute 52-Why can authenticity help end war and violence?




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