Thrive Ep #53 – “From Incarceration to Inspiration” with Guest Nilton Serva

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Thrive Ep #53 – “From Incarceration to Inspiration” with Guest Nilton Serva

Nilton Serva


Nilton Serva

Thrive Ep #53 –  “From Incarceration to Inspiration” with Guest Nilton Serva

Nilton Serva is the Co-Founder and CEO of SERVAMEDIA, a digital media company focused on helping small and medium sized businesses integrate and leverage new technologies to grow their revenues.
Before becoming the CEO of his own company, Nilton’s path was not easy. At an early age, his father was incarcerated and Nilton’s family struggled.

Despite being a bright kid, he started falling behind in school which amplified his presence on the streets getting him into trouble that ultimately led to his own incarceration. However, Nilton was determined to turn his life around.

He started reading books about entrepreneurship and personal development and everything changed. Nilton was released, got off probation, went to college and founded his own company.

He has gone on to become an avid speaking presented at Stanford University and even has an upcoming TED talk. At just 19 years old, Nilton is on a mission to inspire the next generation of does and problem solvers to change the world.

On this episode…

06:20 – Nilton tells us about he became the CEO of his own digital marketing company at the age of 19.

08:23 – What technologies do people need to know about that they are not paying attention to?

11:24 – How did Nilton go from hustling on the streets and being incarcerated to turning his life around?

21:00 – What was it that made it possible for him to transform when so many others fail?

26:15 – How does Nilton help other people transform their lives too?

33:45 – What is the next big thing for Nilton?

41:15 – What does it mean for Nilton to Thrive?

You can also visit his website at You can also reach out to him on social media at Nilton Serva.

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