Thrive Ep #59 – “Understanding Your Secret Mission” with Guest Carlos Carrera

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Thrive Ep #59 – “Understanding Your Secret Mission” with Guest Carlos Carrera

Carlos Carrera 2

Carlos Carrera 2

Thrive Ep# 59 – “Understanding Your Secret Mission” with Carlos Carrera

Known as “The Tony Robbins of Mexico” Carlos Carrera is Mexico’s Top Transformational Mentor, an International Award-Winning Speaker and Multi-Time #1 Best-Selling Author who’s books include Instant Business and More Sales, Less Work. Carlos has empowered more than 1,000,000 people throughout USA, Spain, Colombia, and Mexico with his audio, videos, technology platforms and life training programs.

Carlos has had TV appearances with FOX, NBC, TELEVISA, TV AZTECA, TELEFORMULA. He is the founder of the Transformational Academy and the Transformational Secret Forest, the Disneyworld of the Three-Dimensional Transformation. Founder of NEGOCIO INSTANTANEO (Instant Business) a proven solution for customer engagement and content Marketing with Platform Solutions to drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales to grow their business.

On this episode…

06:33 – Carlos tells how he became an internationally acclaimed transformational coach for thousands of people.

09:54 – What is the difference between a teacher and a mentor and why is it so important to understand which to choose?

12:50 – How do you discover YOUR secret mission in life?

15:40 – Why you never get what you think you deserve in life and what you get instead.

18:50 – Is your mission predetermined or can you decide what your mission is?

25:00 – Why is discovering your mission so confusing? Learn Carlo’s unique perspective on how to find and understand your mission.

29:00 – What does it mean to Carlos to thrive!

You can find Carlos at

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