Thrive Episode # 64 – “How to Find Your Inner Power Source”

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December 1, 2017
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December 23, 2017

Thrive Episode # 64 – “How to Find Your Inner Power Source”


Thrive Episode # 64 – “How to Find Your Inner Power Source” with Guest Marge Piccini

Named the “Queen of Quantum Leaps” by her clients. Marge Piccini specializes in helping high achieving women entrepreneurs, who feel that they have lost their luster in their careers, rediscover a sense of purpose so they can create the kind of impact and legacy that they want.

Formerly Marge was an award winning sales professional for a Fortune 100 services company where she sold over a billion dollars worth of financial services. But she found herself in Provence in France, and she realized she needed to make a change in her life.

On this episode…

5:22 – How did Marge get the title “Queen of Quantum Leaps” and what does that mean?

7:06 – What is Marge’s system of helping high-achieving women create balance in their lives?

10:38 – How does Marge help her clients stay out of overwhelm?

11:40 – How and did Marge shift from a high-powered, high-stress career create a more fulfilling life?

14:47 – Learn the changes Marge made to make the shift to a more authentic path?

17:31 – How does divine intervention show up in our lives?

24:30 – What are the three things do you need to reveal true value?

26:23 – What is the one thing that makes so many high-achieving women feel dissatisfied?

30:16 – What is the diamond rule and how should we be operating our lives according to it?

32:52 – Marge gives tips to create a powerful night time ritual that reduces stress and helps your create the life you want.

35:53 – What does it mean to Marge to Thrive?

You can find Marge at and

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