Thrive Episode # 66 – “How To Create A Powerful Personal Brand And Lead Your Industry” with Heather Poduska & Kim Miles

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Thrive Episode # 66 – “How To Create A Powerful Personal Brand And Lead Your Industry” with Heather Poduska & Kim Miles


Thrive Episode # 66 – “How To Create Your Star Brand And Lead In Your Industry” with Guest Heather Poduska

Today’s show is all about how to create a successful personal brand that is both authentic and sets you apart as a leader.
What is personal branding? Why is it so important to your success to manage your brand? What are some of the common mistakes people make that can damage their brand?

As a special treat, Heather invites professional host and emcee, Kim Miles of Miles In Heels Productions, to turn the tables and interview her.  Kim asks Heather how she shifted from pursuing a career as a professional opera singer to becoming a Star Maker, helping entrepreneurs create personal brands so they can attract high-paying clients and stand out as industry leaders.

Heather Poduska has over 20 years of professional performance experience on stage as an operatic soprano, as a speaker and as the host of the popular podcast and television show, “Thrive.” She combines her unique performance skills with her expertise as a personal brand strategist, image consultant and business coach to teach driven entrepreneurs how to become highly profitable, dynamic presenters and rise to celebrity status in their industry. Her clients have appeared on national platforms, in the media and made thousands of dollars speaking live. However, Heather’s greatest love is helping entrepreneurs get to the core of who they want be and giving them the tools to express themselves powerfully and authentically.

On this episode…

09:55 – What differentiates your brand from others? What differentiates Heather from other brand strategists?

12:50 – Why & how did Heather shift from a professional operatic career to helping entrepreneurs create star personal brands?

19:21 – Why is a strong personal brand so important to your success as an entrepreneur?

22:30 – Who are Heather’s ideal clients and what results does she deliver to them?

25:00 – What kinds of results are possible when you focus on your personal brand?

26:50 – What does it mean to be a Star Maker and why did Heather start calling herself one?

32:00 – What do most entrepreneurs struggle with the most in their branding?

To find out more about Heather you can visit her website at or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter all under HeatherPoduska.

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Find out more about Kim Miles & Miles In Heels Productions here=>

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