Thrive Episode # 68 – “How To Have Your Best Year Ever: Entrepreneurs Roundtable Discussion” with Guests, Chris Salem, Wendy Sabin, Michelle Demers & Karla Driskill

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January 5, 2018
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Thrive Episode # 68 – “How To Have Your Best Year Ever: Entrepreneurs Roundtable Discussion” with Guests, Chris Salem, Wendy Sabin, Michelle Demers & Karla Driskill

Thrive Episode # 68 – “How To Succeed In Business: Entrepreneurs Roundtable Discussion” with guests, Chris Salem, Wendy Sabin, Michelle Demers & Karla Driskill

Today we have special entrepreneurial round-table with four amazing guests all bringing you their unique expertise to help you create the most successful year possible. We have a wealth leadership expert, an accountability and community-building expert, a personal leadership expert and a life, health and business strategist. Of course, I bring my branding chops to the table as well!


We have:

  • Wendy Sabin – Business Finance & Wealth Leadership Expert
  • Karla Driskill – Executive Director of the Hollister Institute, Leadership & Communications Expert
  • Chris Salem – International Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, and Life & Business Strategist.
  • Michelle Demers – CEO & Founder of CoWorkingClubs.Com, Success and Productivity Expert.

We cover everything from to wealth-building strategies, to what to focus on in your business to make the biggest profits, how to be a leader in a complicated environment, the most important elements to personal success and how to stay accountable to your goals in 2018. Wow! It was so much fun and action-packed. I hope you enjoy the show!

On this episode…

09:29 – What is the best way for you to go about setting a big goal this 2018?

10:13  – What is a Co-Working Club? Michelle explains.

10:54 – How should you set your big goals? Why should you be very specific?

12:50 – Chris talks about how to create personal and business success.

13:45 – How to set an achievable finance goal this year.

15:00 – What does Wendy do for the 7 figure entrepreneurs she works with?

16:22 – Why should you work twice as much on yourself as you do in your business?

17:20 – Karla shares the work she does at the Hollister Institute and what it takes to become a true leader.

19:10 – What is the secret sauce to getting the most out of online training?

20:30 – What can you do to stay accountable to your goals?

23:00 – Wendy talks about the benefits of going on a social media diet.

25:00 – Why is accountability important?

27:45 – Why is mindfulness important?

32:40 – What are the benefits of a mastermind?

34:29 – What is the difference between being kind and pleasing someone? Why is it important?

37:45 – What is the thing that you need to know most to achieve a seven figure income?

40:30 – How can you step-up as an entrepreneur to create the kind of world you want to live in?

42:00 – How can you become an influencer with a legacy?

45:00 – How can you make better decisions?

49:55 – What is the ONE THING you need to talk about to be really successful this year?


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