July 20, 2017
Catherine Storing

Ep #45 – “How To Write Like A Pro & Birth Your Book” with Guest Catherine Storing

Thrive Episode Ep #45 – “How To Write Like A Pro & Birth Your Book” with Guest Catherine Storing Catherine Storing is the founder of Confidence Unchained where she helps professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs embrace their authentic voice and self-esteem to write impactful and relevant books and content. Catherine is a two-time best-selling author and has thirteen books to her name including her newest work, A Match Made in Heaven: How To Marry Your Vocation To Your Divine Calling. She is also an accomplished keynote speaker who has graced the stages of TEDx and Boston Inbound and she’s been featured in many publications including the Huffington Post. On today’s show, Catherine shares how she became a confidence and writing coach and shares practical tips on how to write your first book, how to find time to write especially for busy entrepreneurs, and how to follow the impulse to know what to write! . On this episode… 05:37- Catherine tells her journey of transitioning from being a stylist to a confidence coach and finally to a writing coach for entrepreneurs.. 10:13- How did Catherine marry her two passions to create a vocation she loves? 15:11- How  she responded to the call […]
July 13, 2017

Ep #44 – “How To Manage Your Energy For Success” with Guest Dan Holguin

  Thrive Episode Ep #44 – “How To Manage Your Energy For Success” with Guest Dan Holguin Dan Holguin is the founder of Mindset Mastery Blueprint and fitness coach for entrepreneurs whose mission is to help people master their fitness and live a more meaningful, healthy lifestyle. Prior to founding the Mindset Mastery Blueprint, Dan  was a former  college athlete and had always been into fitness. Along the way however, he went off track due to a serious personal loss  causing him to spiral into depression, weight gain and hit rock bottom, On today’s show, Dan tells how he turned his life around, got the mindset of success in place and transformed his body to became an American Ninja Warrior competitor. He shares how fitness not only took him out of his lowest point, but changed his entire outlook and how YOU can too! On this episode… 06:05- Dan tells about his path from being a college athlete and fitness expert to falling into depression and becoming 30 lbs overweight  and how he found the courage to change.. 13:10- Learn the steps Dan took to transform his stressed and overwhelmed life. 15:47- What are the benefits of fitness for entrepreneurs […]
July 6, 2017
Brad Powell

Ep #43-“How To Use Live-Streaming to Build Your Business” with Guest Brad Powell

Thrive Episode #43–“How To Build Your Business With Live-Streaming” With Brad Powell Brad Powell is a business coach and videographer who teaches entrepreneurs how easy it is to create engaging video campaigns with just a smartphone and good storytelling.  Brad is the creator of Video Power Strategy ™ where he inspires entrepreneurs to find everyday moments that make great marketing and he is dedicated to helping small business owners get over the limiting belief that video marketing is too daunting. Brad shares how he went from filming global musicians for National Geographic to his new passion of helping entrepreneurs use live-streaming to find their audience online. He is a wealth of information for anyone wanting to use live-streaming to take their business to the next level.   On this episode… 4:13 – What is live-streaming and why is it so important in today’s online business market? 5:25 – How can you embrace the idea of going live without feeling nauseous? 7:34 – How can you balance the idea of being vulnerable and personable with coming across as professional having a clear message and delivering real value? 10:12 – How do you know what to talk about when you first start? […]
June 29, 2017

Ep #42- “How To Become An Innovative Leader” with Guest Gail Ockerbloom Freeman

  Thrive Episode #42-“How To Become An Innovative Leader” with Gail Ockerbloom Freeman Gail Freeman is the owner of Studio on the Common, in Winchester Massachusetts which is a unique gift shop as well as an art studio and a creative center for business offsites focused on strategy, team building, leadership and organizational planning.    Prior to founding the Studio on the Common, Gail was Vice President of Strategy and Communications for Cambridge based Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a $40m non-profit committed to improving healthcare safety and quality around the world.  Gail has over 25 years of experience in strategy, brand, marketing and communications serving as Director of Marketing for Wellspace, Inc., the Northeast’s largest alternative health care center, and as Marketing Manager for Microsoft Corporation. Gail now brings her love of art along with her love of business and brand savvy together to help foster creativity and innovation in kids, adults, and business professionals. On this episode… 05:00 – Gail tells how she got started in healthcare and how creativity and innovation are playing in new role in that field. 11:06 – How does positive psychology affect business outcomes and what elements need to be in place to […]
June 22, 2017

Ep #41 – “A Mindful Answer To Anxiety & Depression” with Guests Vanessa Gobes & Denise Costello

  Thrive Episode #41-“A Mindful Answer To Anxiety & Depression” with Vanessa Gobes & Denise Costello Vanessa Gobes & Denise Costello are Co-founders of the Chrysalis Meditation Center in Winchester, MA,  where they bring mindfulness and stress-reduction practices to students of all ages. Vanessa is a long-time practitioner and meditation instructor who used mindfulness to help her transform her own struggle with anxiety and depression into a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Denise Costello is a registered nurse, foodie and certified journey dance instructor whose life’s passion is to bring more wellness to women and families. Together they are a powerhouse of healing. On today’s episode Denise and Vanessa talk about how stress is impacting our society, especially our kids, and how we can use mindfulness to bring more calm and purpose into our lives. Denise and Vanessa are great friends of mine and I’m so excited to have them on the show.   On this episode... 5:06 – Why did Vanessa and Denise feel so passionately about mindfulness they started their wellness and meditation center? 8:32 – What is stressing our kids today that’s  different from what their parents had to deal with growing up? And how can we […]
June 15, 2017
Ginger Burr

Ep #40-“How To Create A Stand Out Style” with Guest Ginger Burr

Thrive Episode #40–”How To Create A Stand Out Style” with Ginger Burr Ginger is the President of Total Image Consultants where she helps women around the world navigate (and sometimes avoid) the styles of the season so they can look and feel their best. She is a renowned speaker in the field of style and image and has been featured on national platforms like CNN.com, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes Magazine, Wealth Magazine and Fox TV News. She has directed corporate seminars for some of the world’s prestigious organizations  including Harvard Business School and the US Army. Ginger has created her own one of a kind self-esteem,body image and style coaching program called “Who taught you how to dress?” for women to teach them how to unlock their obstacles and give them the tools they need to create a wardrobe that makes them look and feel fabulous all in the comfort of their own home. She is also the author of “That’s So You!: Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style and Grace”. On this Episode: 02:28 Ginger shares what an image consultant is and how they help people look and feel their best. 03:34 What are some of the […]
June 1, 2017
Dianne Bischoff James

Ep #39 How To Go After The Real Brass Ring with Guest Diane Bischoff James

Thrive Episode #39-”How To Go After The Real Brass Ring” with Dianne Bischoff James Dianne Bischoff James is a bestselling author, speaker and Life Reboot coach who educates clients in the latest techniques for manifesting and transforming their hearts, minds and bodies for optimal authentic living. Having found herself completely off track, she lost 60 pounds, left a highly successful but exhausting executive corporate career, rid herself of depression, conquered debilitating health problems, pursued her passion as an actress, navigated a healthy divorce and survived the perils of an addictive relationship and co-created a new one, vital and real, all after 40. The Real Brass Ring was featured in OM Times Magazine and voted an Aspire Magazine Top 10 Inspirational Book.   I could not be more excited to have Dianne here for our own reboot episode! On this episode… 06:52 – What is a Life Reboot Expert? 07:22 – What will a life reboot look like for each of us? Dianne reveals four main quadrants to keep balanced and healthy. 13:29 – Dianne’s lowest point in life where she needed to start all over again. 17:17 – How can we recognize red flags before they become emergencies, complete meltdowns […]
November 14, 2016

How To Create A Holistic Couture Brand with guest Angel Quintana

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “How To Create A Holistic Couture Brand” with my guest Angel Quintana. Angel Quintana is the founder and CEO of Holistic Fashionista®, a marketing agency and magazine serving boutique brands that are ready expand their clientele online. In her Signature System® consulting program, she helps her clients discover who their Kismet Clients® are, what problem they solve, and create a pipeline of products to feature in their sales funnels to maximize revenue. In her book, Funnel Foreplay, she teaches internet marketers how to successful and quickly warm up cold leads. Angel and her businesses have been featured on: Apparel News, Examiner.com, Law of Attraction Radio, and spoken on stage at Digital Marketing for Business, At The Helm, and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. On this episode Angel answers the questions: – Minute 4:50-What is a major misconception most people have about focusing your business on one brand? – Minute 5:25-What is the start and stop syndrome? – Minute 9:20-How do you create a high-end brand and still create a way for people to step-in without losing the integrity of the brand? -Minute 13:30-How do you grab the attention of […]
October 20, 2016

How to Master Authentic Beauty with Make-Up Guru Chris Scott

On this episode of Thrive, “How to Master Authentic Beauty” with celebrity make-up artist, Chris Scott. CHRIS SCOTT, M.A. is the creator of San Francisco-based Makeup Gourmet©. Over his nearly 30-year career, in addition to doing makeup for top models from every corner of the planet, he also had the honor of working for legends like Paul McCartney, US Vice President Al Gore and Maya Angelou. He was a leading Chanel Beauté national artist for over two decades, and is also the author of the wonderfully visual ‘How to’ book Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup (2014), as well as Cosmetic Counter Survival Guide: How to Buy the Right Skin Care and Makeup (2003). On this episode Chris talks about how to use make-up in a way that enhances your face to people notice YOU and not your make-up. He gives insider tricks of the trade on how to make your eyes look bigger and your lips look fuller, how to choose your jewelry based on your lipstick color and how to make your skin look younger. Chris also talks about what it really takes to be seen as a star AND how to get your foot in […]
September 22, 2016

Designed For Beauty with Shannon Gilmour

“Designed For Beauty” with the accomplished designer, Shannon Gilmour. Shannon is the owner of Grace Interiors where she creates amazing interiors that reflect the tastes, history and personality of her clients. Shannon is a Texas girl, but is also a sophisticated world traveler and lover of art and culture. In this episode, we hear her fascinating story of global adventure from living on the Sea of Cortez with her grandmother to walking the run-ways of Milan and landing in New York at The Magazine Antiques & Art In America all before launching her career in design. Shannon also shares some great tips on how to create a beautiful environment that reflects your vision, personality and brand. We filmed this episode in Shannon’s home surrounded by her amazing art collection. Shannon answers the following questions: Minute 2:15 – How did Shannon develop such a sophisticated eye for art? Minute 6:03 – How do people live right now versus 20 or 30 years ago? Minute 7:16 – How do you deal with all the electronics and technology and still create a beautiful space? Minute 16:01 – Why she left the glamorous world of modeling? Minute 18:00 – Why is it important to […]
September 1, 2016

How To Overcome Jealousy And Develop An Abundant Mindset with Heather Poduska

On today’s episode of Thrive, Heather discusses how to overcome jealousy and develop an abundant mindset. So often we inadvertently push away wealth and opportunities from ourselves with judgement, but when you know how to change your perspective, you can start to draw into your life that things that really light you up and create more abundance. Watch or listen to hear more. Enjoy!                  
August 23, 2016

The Power of Authenticity with Mark Shapiro

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “The Power of Authenticity” with my guest, Mark Shapiro. Mark Shaprio is the founder of AreYouBeingReal.com, President of The Ideal Workplace, an authenticity advisor, and the Host of The One & Only Podcast. Delving below the surface to share honest stories and valuable life tips, Mark has interviewed inspiring guests such as international pop-star Cody Simpson, NFL super agent Leigh Steinberg,life-style entrepreneur Lewis Howes and many more influential leaders on The One & Only Podcast.   On this episode, Mark shares what it really means to live an authentic life and how we can identify what that looks like for each of us. He tells his own transformational story of leaving a 12-year career at Showtime Network Inc. and how a major catalyst forced him to examine and redirect his life. We also have a great discussion about how to be authentic in the workplace without being unprofessional and how to receive and process feedback. Mark is the REAL deal! I hope you enjoy the show. Highlights below. Mark answers the question: Minute 8-Why is it important to be authentic? Minute 10-How can being authentic help you overcome addiction? Minute 19-How do you hold on the core of who […]
August 4, 2016

How To Make More Money With Your Marketing with Heather Poduska

On this episode, Heather shares the secret behind capturing the hearts and minds of your audience so you can make block-buster profits. She shares how to be a pattern interrupter to hook the attention of your buyers and gives real-time demonstrations of the this “secret sauce” in action! Heather answers the question: “Why do Hollywood stars get paid the big bucks? (and how YOU can too!)” “How can entrepreneurs act like stars to create marketing that reels in sales?”                
July 28, 2016

How To Put Your Intuition To Work with Lynn Robinson

With us today we have Lynn Robinson, author of the book, Put Your Intuition to Work. She suggests that intuition is our “Inner GPS.” When we listen to it and act on its wisdom, it will point us in the right direction towards success! She knows how our intuition can get us what we want and take us where we want to go. Lynn has been sought out internationally for her intuitive advice and counsel. She’s a popular and widelyrecognized author and motivational speaker who works with businesses and individuals as a trusted intuitive advisor, offering valuable insights into goals, decisions and strategies. Lynn has authored seven books on intuition, which have been translated into more than a dozen launguages. She has a passion for teaching people how to access their intuition and develop it for practical use in everyday life. On this episode I ask Lynn: 1. How would you define intuition and where does intuition come from? 2. Why is it important to listen to your intuition? 3. How do you know what the right voice is if you are conflicted by good choices? 4. How can people learn to trust their intuition more fully? 5. How can […]
July 21, 2016

How To Look Like A Rock Star Performer with Heather Poduska

In this episode, Heather shares some of the most important keys to make your presentations electrifying. With over 30 years of stage experience, Heather is a veteran of knowing how capture the attention of an audience and move them to action. In this video, she demonstrates on a real stage, the difference between a ho-hum performance and one that will knock your socks off! You will learn: -How to make a dramatic entrance on stage. -How stand out as a dynamic speaker. -The key element for coming across as an expert. -And how to avoid one of the biggest mistake rookie speakers make.            
July 14, 2016

Video Marketing Profit Secrets with Jessica Brace

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “Video Marketing Profit Secrets” with my guest Jessica Brace. Jessica Brace, known as the Queen of YouTube, helps entrepreneurs turn their struggling internet presence into a client-attracting magnet in 5-minutes or less. She helps even the most timid entrepreneur create compelling and leveraged video that can generate more cash into their business, she also works with big time speakers and has shared the stage with people like Mike Koenigs, Frank Kern & Suzanne Evans. Wowie, zowie on this episode Jessica shares a ton of information about how to not only create compelling videos, but how to get those video seen. She covers everything from SEO, where to put your videos, what kinds of videos to make, what sells and what doesn’t sell and even gives us her list of top, easy affordable equipment to use. Jessica has played with some of the biggest players out there and we are lucky enough to have her wealth of knowledge here. This show is jammed packed with information on how to really leverage your video marketing campaigns. On this episode, you will learn… Minute 8:15–How to optimize YouTube to boost your SEO on Google. Minute 9:25–The MOST […]
July 12, 2016

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working with Heather Poduska

If you are not attracting all the ideal clients you want, don’t assume it’s your marketing. More than likely, what you have is a MESSAGE problem. You can market until the cows come home, but if your message isn’t clear and compelling, you’ll be spinning your wheels. Watch to learn why a clear message can change the game for your business.            
July 7, 2016

How To Maximize Your Natural Productivity with Puja Madan

Welcome to this Episode of Thrive “How To Maximize Your Natural Productivity” with my guest Puja Madan. Puja Madan is a leadership expert who teaches women from around the world a system of productivity and life-design that connects them to their inner strength, wisdom and natural rhythms. She is the best-selling co-author of Unleash Your Inner Magnificence and 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. Puja also contributes regularly to publications like the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and ElephantJournal. Puja talks about her unique system of productivity that allows people to connect to their own higher power to be productive using their natural rhythms. She talks about her path to this work when she found herself leading a double life on the one side in a successful, high-driven corporate job and on the other being pulled into exploring her softer side looking at meditation and spiritual teachings. She also teaches us about how to use the different seasons of our day to know how and when to work and how to balance both feminine and masculine energy to be most productive. Puja is a great light, I hope you enjoy this episode of Thrive!            
June 30, 2016

How To Look Picture Perfect In Brand Photos with Rachael Rubin

Welcome to this episode of Thrive with my special guest, photographer, Rachael Rubin. As owner of Beauty PaRLR & RLR Studio, Rachael Rubin is a rising star in the beauty and photography world. At the tender age of 25, Rachael has created a truly unique salon which brings world-class hair and make-up techniques along with high-end photography under one roof. She works with everyone from stay-at-home moms who want to look their best to local celebrities and industry leaders who need to be camera ready to establish their brand. On this episode, Rachael shares some of her best tips to look and feel beautiful in front of the camera so you can look like a star brand. She talks about tricks of the trade and also what is on-trend right based on her global travels and research. Rachael is also an extremely successful entrepreneur creating one of the coolest salons on the East Coast and we talk about what it takes to sky-rocket your success at such a young age. Rachael is has an extremely hip and sophisticated point of view and is a total phenom. I hope you enjoy the show! On this episode, I ask Rachael: 1. How […]
June 24, 2016

Why The Best Brands Are Home-Made with Heather Poduska

So often we try to build our brands based on what we think will make the most money, but in reality, the best, most profitable brands are usually home-made. They come from going back to the place inside ourselves where are beliefs are formed, usually from childhood. Being fueled by your self of home is extremely powerful. Just think of Lebron James who recently went home to Cleveland to win the NBA championship. He was on fire for the trophy, especially because it was on his home turf. When you understand what fuels, why you are doing what you are doing, and what makes you who you are, you are unstoppable!            
June 23, 2016

How To Host a Profitable Live Event with Linda Cain

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “How To Host a Profitable Live Event” with my guest Linda Cain. Linda is the owner of Blu Diamond Event Management which offers a variety of services to the live event industry clients with full production of live events, retreats or mastermind programs with tailored planning for each occasion. On this episode, Linda shares with us how to create a fun, profitable event whether you are just beginning with live events or are ready for something bigger. She covered how to price your events, for example, how to price a one-day versus a 3-day event and how to price your offer if you’re a guest speaker at someone else’s event. Linda also shared with us different models of live events and how to match your event to your business model. She even told how to create a 5-star event for a low, low price! Linda is a wealth of knowledge, so grab your pencils. You’ll want to take notes!            
June 16, 2016

Why You Need To Talk More Smack with Heather Poduska

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “Why You Need To Talk More Smack” with yours truly, Heather Poduska. On this episode, I talk about why it’s so important to understand how to talk about yourself in a powerful way. It does not only teaches others how you want to be seen, but also reinforces our own beliefs about who we are. Talking smack is not about putting others down, but lifting up your own spirit.            
June 9, 2016

How To Find the Spiritual Compass of the Soul with Laura Clark

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “How To Find the Spiritual Compass of the Soul” with my guest Laura Clark. Known as the Soul Wise Living Mentor, Laura Clark teaches professional women how to embrace their own inner wisdom to overcome the challenges of life through a unique process of awaking and intuition development. She is also the co-author of the international best-selling book “Choosing Happiness: Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul. On this episode Laura shares how to get rid of the clutter in your life so you can hear your inner wisdom. Laura believes everyone has great intuition, but they don’t always take the time to listen to it. She gives some great tips on how best to tune in, especially for busy entrepreneurs. Laura also talked about the power of mantras and how she used hers to power through a road race with a twisted ankle. And she shares the power of listening to your body when you are trying to make important decisions, like when to make a big leap or not when you’re feeling scared. Laura is kind and wise. I hope you enjoy the show!            
June 2, 2016

How To Have A Peaceful Death with Deanna Cochran

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “How To Have a Peaceful Death” with my guest Deanna Cochran. Deanna Cochran is a death doula and world leader in the positive death movement where she serves families and organization who work with end of life.. She is the creator of the first multidisciplinary community called The End of Life Practitioner’s Collective to be a resources for consumer. She has been featured in the New York Times and is the author of the upcoming book “But I’m Not Dying! Palliative Care From Diagnosis Onward.” In this episode, Deanna tells us what a death doula is and how she came in to this line of work. How her experience with death as a young child set the tone for her life’s work of service. Deanna also explains to us what a peaceful death looks like and how we can prepare ourselves for that time of life for ourselves and our families. Then Deanna and I shift gears and talk about how she grew her business into something profitable and what other service-oriented entrepreneurs need to think about in order to be successful without selling their souls. I was really bless to have Deanna on […]
May 26, 2016

How To Create A Highly Visible Brand with Joie Gharrity

“How To Create A Highly Visible Brand” Gharrity founder of 113 Branding is a Brand Strategist, Marketer, Speaker and Author. She worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, such as The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures, in film, television, original web content and branded entertainment. Joie recently launched her book The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence. On this episode, Joie talks about how her experience with big Hollywood studios taught her what you really need to do to create an influential brand and the importance of building meaningful tribes. She talks about the difference between organic selling by giving value and the old model of upselling and pitch-fests. And finally, Joie share tips from her new book on how to leverage your visibility by shining the light on others to become a true star.              
May 19, 2016

How To Simplify Your Life With Feng Shui with Christine Bove

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “How To Simplify Your Life With Feng Shui” with Christine Bove. Christine is a Feng Shui expert and the co-author of “Balance for Busy Moms: A Stress-Free Guide to Tranquility” who teaches busy career women how to simplify their lifestyle from their work, home, wardrobe and diet. She uses Feng Shui to create a mindset for success while also helping clients organize and beautify their space to create an image that reflects their personal style and she has the ability to see beyond her client’s words and look deeper to begin true healing. In this episode Christine explains to us what Feng Shui is and how we can use it to see how our life is out of alignment with our goals. She also shares how we can use Feng Shui to style our space to actually grow our brands and why it’s important to allow your environment to change as your brand grows. She gives some really great tips on how to choose where you want to have your work space depending on what you need to feel to be most creative.              
May 19, 2016

How To Reclaim Your Personal Power with Lori Pelzer

Welcome to This episode of Thrive “How To Reclaim Your Personal Power” with Lori Pelzer. Lori Pelzer is the CEO of Be Inspired International LLC a national personal development and transformational success company designed for women’s success. Lori is an American success story. She triumphed over a life of darkness being a teen mom of 2 kids by the age of 18, growing up in the projects and being a victim of sexual abuse to becoming a top-producing real-estate broker doing over $22million of sales. Now Lori uses her inspirational story and experience to help other women tap into their personal power and transform their lives. On today’s episode, Lori shares with us what we need to do to find out who we are at the core so we can follow our heart’s desire. She talks about the importance of remembering that anything is possible if you believe it. And she also shares how it’s possible to get your sparkle back if you feel like life has beaten you down. Lori’s has many other great nuggets to keep us uplifted and inspired.          
May 12, 2016

How to Create Success with Hypnosis with Lisa Lamont

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “How to Create Success with Hypnosis” with my guest Lisa Lamont. Lisa has been using the power of hypnosis to help people reach their goals and transform their lives for over 15 years. ON this episode, Lisa explains to us what hypnosis is and debunks the myths around this very powerful success tool. Lisa works with entrepreneurs who have hit plateaus in their businesses so they can break through and reach their money goals. She shares with us some really practical and powerful tips to help us stay on track and really change the patterns of negative thinking that keep us stuck. Lisa also works with top athletes to help them reach peak performance and shares the story of a young baseball player who used hypnosis to create a dramatic outcome after suffering an elbow injury. Lisa has a heart of gold. I hope you enjoy the show!              
May 12, 2016

How To Develop The Confidence To Succeed with Sheila Kennedy

Sheila is a confidence coach, speaker and best-selling authors whose new book, Choices To Changes, where she features 12 Global Entrepreneurs who share the tools and strategies need to create financial freedom and fulfillment. In this episode Sheila shares with us how to develop authentic confidence so we can create more flow and abundance in our businesses. She shares the tips, rituals and practices that the most successful entrepreneurs use to keep a wealthy mindset. And finally, Sheila tell us what we need to do get back on truck to success when we feel like our backs are against the wall. Sheila used these same techniques to tripled her own income.            
May 5, 2016

How To Create A Sisterhood of Success with Kim Miles

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “How To Create A Sisterhood of Success” with my guest Kim Miles. Kim Miles is a highly sought-after emcee, panel moderator and sales expert who helps her clients deliver critical messaging to their audiences in fresh and entertaining ways. Kim is nothing if not entertaining. In this episode Kim talks with us about why it’s so important to be able to entertain your audiences to create meaningful and memorable presentations. She gives some great tips on how to work a room when networking to so you can make meaningful connections. And we also have a great discussion about the importance of women stepping into their authenticity and authority to reach their goals. Kim is a total firecracker with a heart of gold. I hope you enjoy the show.              
May 5, 2016

How To Make More Profits & Take Home More Pay with Wendy Sabin

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “How To Make More Profits & Take Home More Pay”with my guest Wendy Sabin. Wendy is a profit strategist and CPA who helps entrepreneurs create highly profitable and streamlined business models so they can work less and take home more money. Wendy worked in international hedge funds doing take returns for billionaires before launching her own company. How to maximize your take-home pay and minimize expenditures. Wendy talks about the risks of both over-investing AND underinvesting in your business. We also have a deep discussion about the importance of having a healthy money mindset and how to reign in your monkey mind and get back on track to making money.              
April 28, 2016

How To Create Sacred Success with Joanna Lindenbaum

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “How To Create Sacred Success” with guest, Joanna Lindenbaum. Joanna LIndenbaum is the founder of Soulful Coaching for Busy Women, and creator of The Your Sacred Business Program, a entrepreneur training intensive where women make breakthroughs and forward movement in their income growth in their lives and businesses. In this episode Joanna shares with us what it makes to create sacred success and how important it is to having a deep, meaningful and profitable business model. She gives great tips on how to create rituals to go from concept to fruition with your ideas. And finally, Joanna explains why it’s so important to start from the inside out when you ready to shift gears and take your business to the next level. Joanna is a soulful woman whose work has helped shape the next wave of conscious entrepreneurs.              
April 28, 2016

How To Create A Happy & Healthy Life with Jen Karofsky

“How To Create A Happy & Healthy Life” with Jenn Karofsky. Jen Karofsky is a holistic life and health coach who has over 25 year experience coaching women, men and families how to create healthier happier lives. On this episode Jen shares with us powerful strategies we can use in our daily lives to boost our energy and creativity. And finally Jen gives us some simple tips to improve our health when we are stuck sitting as our desks all day long. She also shares how we can start to tune into our own voices so we can make choices that are customized to our individual needs.              
April 22, 2016

How To Be A Trailblazing Entrepreneur with Shawn Driscoll

“How To Be A Trailblazing Entrepreneur” with guest Shawn Driscoll. Shawn is a business coach who helps pioneers entrepreneurs who don’t want to take the cookie-cutter path to success. She explains to us what it means to be a trailblazing in business and she talks to us about her unique TQ assessment that helps individual entrepreneurs identify their own unique business type so they can create highly personalized business models that suits their strengths and helps them make more money.      
April 21, 2016

How To Hear Divine Guidance with Ramona Remesat

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “How To Hear Divine Guidance” with my guest Ramona Remesat. Ramona is an Intuitive Mindset Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, speaker and co-author of the Amazon bestseller, 365 Days of Angel Prayers. In this episode Ramona talks to us about how to tap into divine intuition to make authentic decisions in our business. She shares with how we can know if the guidance we receiving is real. Why it’s important to think about what you want, but not focus as much on how you’re going to get there to achieve to make your dreams come true. Ramona shares great and really fun content. I hope you enjoy the show.      
April 16, 2016

The Key To Brand Happiness with Michelle Ghilotti

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “The Key To Brand Happiness” with Michelle Ghilotti. Michelle Ghilotti is a couture brand curator, international speaker and writer for Forbes Magazine & The Huffington Post. On this episode. Michelle shares with us the three things you must consider when writing copy to stay on-brand and be authentic in your business. What it means to have a brand feeling word and how important it is to have a sense mission and purpose in your business. Michelle also talks to us about why love and connection are a must to create a success for yourself and your clients.              
April 15, 2016

How To Design Your Couture Brand with Isha Bell

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “How To Design Your Couture Brand” with Isha Bell. Isha Bell is a one of the world’s premiere brand and creative directors who specializes in helping fashion brands scale to epic proportions. The work Isha has done has landed her clients on international, high-profile platforms such as CNN television, British Vogue and Marie Claire Magazines. On today’s episode Isha talks to us about what it really takes to create a successful couture brand. She explains the importance of having an editorial eye in order to create a high-end visuals and why editors won’t even look at you if your brand is not polished. She shares what specifically you need to have in place for your brand presences before influencers will even consider you. And she shares her own story of finding her brand voice and how staying in her lane exploded her business. Isha is a world-class talent whose clients have thrived internationally with her help. I hope you enjoy the show.          
April 7, 2016

The Art of List Building with Suzanne Moore

Welcome to this episode of Thrive, “The Art of List Building” with my guest Suzanne Moore. Suzanne is a marketing and list-building expert who teaches entrepreneurs the best and most effective strategies to grow and nurture their tribe of followers on and off-line. On this episode Suzanne tells us what’s really working now to attract new leads into your funnel. What is most important to remember when crafting your free offers so people will come back for more and want to buy from you. And finally, Suzanne gives us her top-3 list of what entrepreneurs should be doing consistently grow their list by leaps and bounds. Suzanne is a wealth of knowledge. I hope you enjoy the show.            
April 7, 2016

How To Create Enchanted Success with Megha Rodriguez

Megha Rodriguez is a social media guru who helps small business express their authentic voice online to create more profit and impact. In this episode, Megha explains how and why people hide from their sharing their voice and how to overcome that fear. She talk to us about why it’s critical to have a clear point of view to find and serve the right niche and how her near-death experience helped her clarify her true mission. And finally, Megha shares with us how we can tap into our own intuition to create success that aligns with our own calling. Megha is a bright light in the online area. I hope you enjoy the show.        
March 31, 2016

Create Your Own Economy with Tina Brinkley Potts

“Create Your Own Economy” with guest Tina Potts Tina is an award-winning author, online digital strategist and top-gun business consultant who teaches entrepreneurs how to build online digital empire to create their own economy. In this episode Tina shares the key to create a snowball effect in your business. She tells us what most entrepreneurs don’t know about building a successful online business why is so important not to pay attention to the headlines. And finally she shares what you must have in place to be prepared to attract a client in any situation even the grocery store! Tina is a powerhouse & I was thrilled to interview her.                
March 31, 2016

The Art of Business with Dayla Arabella

“The Art of Business” with Dayla Arabella. Dayla is a national award-winnning media strategist and certified meeting profession and co-founder of Boston Women in Media & Entertainment who comes to us today to talk about how to build a successful career as a performer. Dayla shares with us the important of relationship building and gives specific strategies to help entrepreneurs and artists build a powerful network. Dayla also talks about why it’s so important to understand your audience and be willing to reinvent yourself to stay relevant. And finally she shares the most important word you need to have in your vocabulary to get our foot in the door and take advantage of every opportunity. Dayla is a wealth of information and is extremely generous with her knowledge and expertise. I hope you enjoy the show.              
March 24, 2016

How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Destress with Sherinata Pollock

“How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Destress” with Sherinata Pollock. Sherinata is an energy healer, intuitive coach and the creator of Chakra Magic, a meditation series for kids and adult. On this episode of Thrive Sherinata shares what energy healing is and how we can use it in our lives. How she embraced her role as an healer AND professional clown and how that changed her life and business. She explains how we can know when we are living our purpose and when we’re not. And she shares a simple mantra for entrepreneurs to use when they are having difficulty charging what they’re worth.              
March 24, 2016

The Penguin Lady & Entrepreneurship with Dyan DeNapoli

In this episode Dyan Denapoli talks to us about how her intuition lead her from studying dolphins in Hawaii to studying penguins in the South Pole. She shares with us why its so important to have a clear sense of mission, in life and in business.              
March 17, 2016

How to Get The Life You Really Want With Guest Halle Eavelyn

“How To Get The Life You Really Want” with transformational coach Halle Eavelyn who teaches women how to break through their old patterns to create the life of their dreams. Halle explains what transformational coaching is and how it’s different from traditional therapy and why it’s important not to buy into the story of who you think you are in order to be happy. She also shares how tapping into spirit to break through you blocks can transform your life and business.        
March 17, 2016

The Heart of Social Entrepreneurship With Guest Linda Cruse

Welcome to this episode of Thrive “The Heart of Social Entrepreneurship” with my guest, humanitarian Linda Cruse. Linda Cruse is an international aid worker, speaker, author and the creator of the Emergency Zen thought leadership series. She has worked on every continent on the planet aiding disaster-stricken communities alongside some of the world’s most influential leaders including the Dali Lama, Prince Charles and Sir Richard Branson. On today’s show, Linda shares with us why following your passion is crucial to not only live your best life, but to change the world for the better. She tells how because of stress she was stricken blind and how it forced her to reevaluate the course of her own life and follow her passion. And she shares how entrepreneurs leading the pack in rebuilding communities and how we can each use our gifts to make an impact. If you’d like to know more about how to help, you can visit www.WandAid.org. It was an honor to speak with Linda. I hope you enjoy the show.            
March 3, 2016

Style Your Authentic Beauty with Catherine Storing

On Episode #10 of Thrive , Heather talks to Catherine Storing.  Catherine is a fashion stylist, speaker and best-selling author of the Book Styling Faith, The Complete Styling Guide. In this episode Catherine explains the importance of a polished image to help you make more money in your business. She talks about how she was able to grow her business once she understood and embraced how she wanted to express her authentic self through her image. And finally, Catherine shares how she was able to carve out a unique and profitable niche by combing her love of fashion with her faith to create a truly inspirational brand. Catherine is beautiful inside and out. Enjoy!           
January 9, 2016

How To Create A Brand Story That Sells with Story Stylist Gayle Nowak

On Episode #9 of Thrive, Heather talks with marketing and public relations expert Gayle Nowak, who helps entrepreneurs unearth and craft their compelling brand stories so they be more authentic and sell more in their businesses. In this episode Gayle shares her own deeply powerful story and how it transformed business and her entire life. She shares how to use your story to get on bigger and better platforms and even how to use your story to make a big impact even if you are just getting started in your business. Enjoy!           
December 17, 2015

How To Tell Your Brand Story On Film with Evin Anderson

On Episode #8 of Thrive, Heather sits down with Evin Anderson, a professional poet, playwrite, and actor, turned CEO of digital film and brand story-telling agency Waverly Knobs. Evin talks to us today about what’s hot and what’s not in digital film making right now to tell your brand story. He also talks to us about how to come across as a high-value expert, but also an engaging, real person on film. Finally, we have a discussion about entrepreneurs can learn from artists, and what artists can learn from entrepreneurs that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy!        
December 17, 2015

How To Write Your Dream Book With Kelly Epperson

In Episode #7 of Thrive, Heather talks to book coach, author and ghost-writer Kelly Epperson, who has over 25 books to her credit, including a New York Times bestseller that sold millions of copies. On this show, Kelly tells us why working from joy is the very way to start when you want to create a book that makes you happy, and profitable! She is also going to answer the question that everyone asks, which is “what should my first book be?” Finally, she is going to explain to us how we can make money in our businesses from our book without spending thousands of dollars on a huge book launch campaign. Enjoy!        
December 10, 2015

How To Create Client Seductive Marketing with Rob Schultz

In Episode #6 of Thrive, Heather sits down with Rob Schultz, a marketing messaging guru who teaches entrepreneurs from around the world, the secrets of seduction, so their ideal clients will want them like crazy, and buy from them like crazy. On this episode, Rob shares how we can create marketing copy that sizzles, why many entrepreneurs struggle to find their ideal clients and how you can avoid that, and what he learned in Hollywood, working on blockbuster films like X-Men and Vanilla Sky, and how that applies to entrepreneurs. Enjoy!