Designed For Beauty with Shannon Gilmour

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Designed For Beauty with Shannon Gilmour

“Designed For Beauty” with the accomplished designer, Shannon Gilmour. Shannon is the owner of Grace Interiors where she creates amazing interiors that reflect the tastes, history and personality of her clients. Shannon is a Texas girl, but is also a sophisticated world traveler and lover of art and culture. In this episode, we hear her fascinating story of global adventure from living on the Sea of Cortez with her grandmother to walking the run-ways of Milan and landing in New York at The Magazine Antiques & Art In America all before launching her career in design. Shannon also shares some great tips on how to create a beautiful environment that reflects your vision, personality and brand. We filmed this episode in Shannon’s home surrounded by her amazing art collection.

Shannon answers the following questions:

Minute 2:15 – How did Shannon develop such a sophisticated eye for art?

Minute 6:03 – How do people live right now versus 20 or 30 years ago?

Minute 7:16 – How do you deal with all the electronics and technology and still create a beautiful space?

Minute 16:01 – Why she left the glamorous world of modeling?

Minute 18:00 – Why is it important to treat creative careers like businesses?

Minute 20:40 – What the average person can do in their home to give it more sophistication?

Minute 26:40 – What are some of the most beautiful and meaningful places in the world for Shannon?

It was a real treat! I hope you enjoy the show.






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