Thrive Ep #51 – “How To Embody Confidence” with Guest Nancy Martin

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Thrive Ep #51 – “How To Embody Confidence” with Guest Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin

Thrive Ep #51 – “How To Embody Confidence” with Guest Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin is an abuse prevention expert, an empowerment coach and the international best-selling author of “Dance Your Way to An Empowered Self: 4 Elements to Achieve Shining Confidence.”

Nancy learned that fighting physical, mental and sexual abuse towards women can be done with lightness and care, not resentment and anger. She has developed her own technique of embodying confidence through movement and dance and her mission now is to take her personal learning and spread it to as many girls and women as possible and reach them before they become victims.

Nancy has been featured on television and is an avid speaker on behalf of women’s empowerment, abuse prevention and the power of empathy to change the world.

On this episode…

03:56 – Nancy talks about dancing your way to confidence and using your body to send the RIGHT messages.

07:00 – What does it mean to be an abuse prevention expert and how does that serve young women?

12:15 – How does dance and movement help girls feel empowered?

14:34 – What are simple things that parents can teach kids about having a strong body, and saying “No” when it’s appropriate?

16:58 – What do most women struggle with to stay empowered?

20:23 – What’s the next level for Nancy?

23:23 – What does it mean for Nancy to Thrive?

If you want to get in touch with Nancy, you can go to and you can connect with her there. You can also get a copy of her book here=>“Dance Your Way To An Empowered Self”

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  1. Kevin Fream says:

    Great examples of posture and confidence with Nancy Martin!

  2. Linda Zaneski says:

    Loved listening to Nancy Martin. Her ideas are simple but a great reminder to be aware to be your authentic self. Thank you for sharing this message and I offer congratulations to her for sharing with other women, especially young girls!!!! Can’t wait to get the book!

  3. Great interview – very interesting points on empowerment from Nancy Martin

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