Thrive Episode # 67 – “What It Takes To Have A Breakout Year”

Thrive Episode # 67 – “What It Takes To Have A Breakout Year”

Are you ready to have your best year yet? The kind of year that quantum leaps your success? Today on Thrive, I’ll be sharing how you can have a breakout year. Why have another year where you just muddle along? Twelve months from now, I want you to wake up with a big, fat smile on your face knowing you created something truly special. Knowing you did something that propelled your success to the next level.

Listen and learn how to make 2018 YOU breakout year! 

On this episode…

04:08 – What does it take to have a breakout year?

04:30 – What is it that you really want?

08:00 – What do you need to make what you want happen?

11:09 – Creating the plan.

11:30 – Are you asking for the right help?

12:40 – What has to happen to reach your goal. 

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